Sunday, May 25, 2014


Where have we been ?!

Okay so we feel really bad for being MIA but Deana and I have had just so much going on.  I know that we both wish that we had more time to dedicate to Illest ʇhread and to this blog.

Lately, our schedules have just not been working out with our model Tara and then school got in the way and every college student knows how crazy it gets around finals!

I wish that there were more hours in the day.  When I say this I feel like my mother who says this all the time but its so true.  A lot of days I feel like I do not have enough time to fit in the things that I need to get done and the things that I want to do.

This summer Deana and I are looking for models.  If you are interested in modeling for Illest ʇhread please send us and email :
I hope for all the college students out there you had a great semester! If you are a college student we would love your feedback on this blog and Instagram. Email us with your feedback.  We especially want to hear from college students because that is our target audience.

Anyway, enough of my small rant.  Today we posted on Illest ʇhread for the first time since Easter (sad to say that it has been that long) about a new Berlin brand named I LIKE PAPER.  On Illest ʇhread we featured their PAPPWATCH which is made from water-proof and tear-resistant cardboard.  The two watches that we featured are from the series 'Justice'.  I think I may have to go and buy myself one of these watches... if you didn't know I have a thing about watches.  I feel I need one of these watches to add to my near ending collection.  We found out about these watches through Which is one of my favorite magazines...if you're not familiar with the magazine you should definitely check it out!

Until next time,
T&D from Illest  ʇhread