Saturday, May 28, 2016

Taylor Swift Lace Shorts

Taylor Swift Lace Shorts

Starting All Over Again...

It's been a while...

    It has been such a long time since D or I posted on this blog.  To be honest, things have just been incredibly busy in both of our lives. However, I have decided that Illest ʇhread is something that I want to pick up again.  I am thinking that I might change the direction of 
the Instgram page.  This time, I will be posting celebrity looks for less in combination with other fashion posts. 
I am not sure which celebrities I would like to focus on yet but I have some ideas.  I am thinking Kylie Jenner, 
Taylor Swift, and maybe some others.  That is all for now.  Please leave comments down below with what 
kinds of celebrities you would like to see. 

-T from Illest ʇhread