Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Sweet Tart

This is our first post on ILLEST ʇHREAD and we are super excited about the potential and exciting things to come on this blog.  Our main blog is really our Instagram which is @illestthread!  We would really appreciate it if you checked it out and followed us. When I talk about 'we' I mean my partner Deana and I (Theresa).  We are both college students and are double majors in business and communications.  We both  have a really love for fashion and figured why not try to launch a fashion blog and see where it takes us.  So we asked our wonderful and very beautiful friend Tara if she was willing to be our model and she agreed and now here we are writing about and uploading our first photoshoot picture to our new blog. 

We want this blog to be about our journey of launching our fashion Instagram.  We will write about the struggles but also the hopefully great rewards that come from starting a fashion Instagram.  So without further ado I introduce our first week of pictures which are all themed around Valentine's Day.  We both hope that you really enjoy our blog and become a follower of ILLEST ʇHREAD on Instagram.  We would really like to have an open correspondence with our readers.  So please feel free to email us at illest.thread@gmail.com or leave us a comment on here.  Can't wait to write again! 

With lots of love, 



  • Salmon colored cropped top by MINKPINK for Nasty Gal 
  • Black pixi pants by J.Crew
  • Gold Chain from Claire's 
MAKE-UP by Deana                                      MODEL Tara 
    Instagram:  @thefashionofthechrist                         Instagram:  @Tara_hibbet 

STYLED by Theresa 
   Instagram:  @imtheresa_n

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